Jeanne B. Whitney has been practicing Family Law and Landlord Tenant Law in Cochise County since 2001. She has been a licensed attorney in the State of Arizona since 1983. She currently works in the Cochise County Superior and Justice Courts. She began working in Cochise County at the County Attorneys offices as a Deputy County Attorney.

She can help with all your family law issues. From divorces involving a division of property and debts. Wither it’s an amicable (friendly, non-contentious) or a highly contentious divorce Jeanne B. Whitney will fight for your interests.  If children are involved, Jeanne will make sure that the children(s) feel safe and loved. She can help with parenting agreements, child support and spousal support, if it’s appropriate. If there is domestic abuse, she can help quickly obtain a Protective Order.

She also can assist in landlord and tenant legal issues, including disputes over rental agreements and evictions. She can provide legal services to landlords regarding tenants who fail to pay rent in a timely manner as well as other problems with tenants. With a track record of informally solving contentious issues she can help landlord resolve issues out of court.  She is also willing to represent tenants if they have justifiable claims against the landlord.